Counter top Water Coolers for Fresh Water at Your Convenience

If you have limited space in your home or office, it is beneficial to get counter top Mains Fed water coolers instead of buying a big refrigerator with water dispenser. With a counter top water cooler you have access to cold fresh water any time. It also takes up little space and it will give a great savings than buying bottled water all the time. Even people with limited mobility will be benefited with counter top water coolers if they are placed in a location where there is easy access to it.

With the new bottle less counter top water cooler and hot water boiler, a water filtration system is incorporated with it that removes the taste and odor of chlorine in water. It also filters out all the impurities and minerals which come with the water supply like copper, lead and benzene. Water from this dispenser has a pleasant taste. This is beneficial because it encourages people to drink more water instead of drinking soda. Because this type of water cooler dispenser does not use water bottles, it has more environmental advantages. There is less waste and carbon footprint is reduced.

The prices vary because there are different types of counter top water coolers. There are many features and models to choose from. There are even those that also supply hot water and ice. But more than the cost of the water dispense, is the cost of the filters. You need to make sure to research on how much the water filter cost and how often you need to replace it. You can also inquire from local bottled water supply companies if they sell counter top water coolers, and inquire how much they offer theirs.

There are different types of counter top water coolers. Some come with a tank that has to be filled with water, and some are connected straight from the main water line for continuous water supply. Before choosing a cooler you need to check which the better option for you is. Check also if water connection is possible before choosing the cooler you want.

To prevent the buildup of molds and bacteria the counter top water cooler needs to be cleaned. Make its regular maintenance at least twice a year. Some models have their own sanitizing systems because they use ultra violet light inside the tank. Before buying a water cooler, make sure to inquire about cleaning and maintaining the water cooler.

To find the right water cooler for you, do some basic research. Consider well what your needs are and what your requirements are before you buy. Counter top water coolers are a good investment so make sure you get the right one for your needs.